Release Notes

Lightning Component Security Update

  • With the release of the Resource Hero v11.9 Lightning Component Security Update, we are introducing significant security enhancements to several of our lightning components, with the goal of bolstering our application’s security and aligning with Salesforce’s fundamental value of Trust.

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Patch version 11.8.1

  • Added additional display options to the Enhanced Time Tracking Component. Primary Display Field Count allows you to customize the number of fields that should be displayed on the primary display line. Show More Toggle, when true, will hide all secondary fields by default until the user clicks the Show More link.

Patch version 11.7.1

  • Hours/notes now save in a single transaction from both the Matrix and Legacy Time Tracking interfaces. This makes it easier to implement validation rules requiring that, for example, actuals can’t be entered without an accompanying note.
  • Fixed an issue with utilization coloring not updating until after the Matrix was saved.

Manage Assignments Component Enhancements

  • Using the Resource Assignment Field Set Name setting, use field sets to determine which fields are displayed and which of those fields are required.
  • When using the Default Relationship Field setting, parent fields are no longer required to be on the layout. For example, you do not need to show the Opportunity field when adding the Manage Assignment component to the Opportunity lightning page.
  • Headings of required fields now show a red asterisk.
  • Improved object and field level security handling

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Upcoming Feature Retirements

The following features are set to be retired in an upcoming release:

  • Resource Hero Copy component – Created prior to many of the declarative automation tools being available on the platform, customers should migrate this logic to a custom Flow.
  • Manage Resources list view action button found on the Resources tab – Created prior to Salesforce’s release of lightning experience, customers should instead leverage list views and inline editing.
  • Legacy Manage Assignments Visualforce Page – All customers should migrate to use the new Manage Assignments lightning component.

Find Resource Component

  • General performance enhancements
  • Using the Find Resource Criteria Match Limit setting, control how many skilled resources are displayed
  • Using the Find Resource Availability Limit setting, control how many returned skilled resources display their next six month availability chart.

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Enhanced Time Tracking Interface

The updated Resource Hero Time Tracking interface is designed to help organizations that need more granular time tracking, need to differentiate between billable and non-billable hours, and categorize time.

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Multiple Time Entries per Assignment, per Day

You can now create multiple Resource Forecast records for the same assignment on the same day. Besides enabling the Enhanced Time Tracking Interface, it also simplifies loading data into Resource Hero from external systems.

Patch version 10.1.11
  • Fixed an issue in the Find Resource component related to TextArea and Multi-Select Picklist fields
  • Fixed an issue where unlicensed users could still access Resource Hero interfaces
  • Fixed an issue where matrix utilization coloring was not updating until after the user saved on matrices configured on custom objects.

Find Resources on the Manage Assignments screen

The Find Resource component helps you search for resources based on resource fields and assigned skills. It can be accessed from the Find Resource button on the Manage Assignments component or from the detail page of an individual Resource Assignment record.

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Identify the skills and attributes that you would like track as an organization on the Resource Hero Skills tab.

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Skill Assignments

Track your resource’s skills and skill proficiency. Skill Assignments can be used as criteria when using the Find Resource functionality when staffing an assignment.

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More in this release

My Timesheet Matrix

This new matrix can be added to the Home tab, on standalone Lightning Pages, and on pages within your Experiences / Communities and will only show assignments that have been assigned to Resources related to the currently logged-in user.

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New rolling time ranges

We’ve added some additional time range options within the matrix, including Next 7 Days, Next 14 Days, Next 30 Days, etc.

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Assignment Exclusion Field controls on all Resource Hero interfaces

Allows you to control exactly which records should be included in any Resource Hero interface. For example, you could have a time tracking matrix that only includes Project assignments and Opportunity assignments where the probability is greater than 75%.

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More in this release
  • Setting to restrict matrix assignments to the logged-in user
  • RH Dashboard selections now sticky for each user
  • Accessibility: modify matrix colors for each user

Manage Assignments lighting component

Replaces the older visualforce-based component and lets you manage assignments without having to navigate away from your opportunity (or other configured object’s) lighting page.

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Time Tracking Summary Notification Email

Allows you to generate automatic emails to your resources that show them the last 7 days of tracked time. This can serve as validation for hours that have already been entered or as a reminder for those who might have forgotten to enter their time.

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Support for Salesforce Multi-Currency

Organizations that manage resources across multiple countries can take advantage of Salesforce Multi-Currency support to ensure values are entered and displayed in the appropriate currency as needed.

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Time Off Request Enhancements

Organizations that manage resources across multiple countries can take advantage of Salesforce Multi-Currency support to ensure values are entered and displayed in the appropriate currency as needed.

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More in this release

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