v9 My Timesheet Matrix
This new matrix can be added to the Home tab, on standalone Lightning Pages, and on pages within your Experiences / Communities and will only show assignments which have been assigned to Resources related to the current logged in user.
New rolling time ranges (last 7 days, next 14 days, etc)
We've added some additional time range options within the matrix, to include Next 7 Days, Next 14 Days, Next 30 Days, etc.
Assignment Exclusion Field controls on all RH interfaces
Allows you to control exactly which records should be included in any Resource Hero interface. For example, you could have a time tracking matrix which only includes Project assignments and Opportunity assignments where the probability is greater than 75%.
RH Dashboard selections are now sticky
Resource Hero will now remember your selections for Object, List View, Field, View By, and Time Range.
Show only assignments for the logged in user
The ViewUserAssignmentsOnly matrix setting lets you limit the rows displayed in a Matrix to only those assigned to the current logged in user.
Accessibility: Customize Matrix Colors
New RHA Settings allow customers to customize matrix colors for individual users.
v8 Manage Assignments lighting component
Replaces the older visualforce based component and let's you manage assignments without having to navigate away from your opportunity (or other configured object's) lighting page.
Actual Hours Summary Notification Email
Allows you to generate automatic emails to your resources that show them the last 7 days of tracked time. This can serve as validation for hours that have already been entered or as a reminder for those who might have forgotten to enter their time.
Support for Salesforce Multi-Currency
Organizations that manage resources across multiple countries can take advantage of Salesforce Multi-Currency support to ensure values are entered and displayed in the appropriate currency as needed.
Time Off Request Enhancements
Time Off Requests allow your resources to log hours for vacations, sick time and other types of non-billable work. Multiple dates can be submitted within the same request.
Minor Changes Ability to hide create new assignment section on time tracking LC
v7.1.26 Auto-Forecasting performance and stability enhancements
v7.1.14 Matrix - Time Tracking view now starts on first day of the work week Matrix - Added Next 12 Months option to Month view Matrix - Switching to rolling navigation respects current selected cell
v7.1.12 Matrix - Error handling improvements
v7.1.10 Allow multiple PTO requests on the same calendar day
v7.0 - August 2019 Customizable Rollups
You can create your own custom rollup formula fields between resource assignments and any “parent” object without the need for 3rd party apps.
Cost Rates
Track your resources’ internal costs over time to calculate profit and expenses like you never could before.
Time Tracking Enhancements
Enhancements include the ability for administrators to customize the tap tracking increments for their organization (or specific profiles/users) as well as the ability to enter hours manually.
v6.0 - January 2019 Holiday Schedules Paid Time Off (PTO) Management Support for Multiple Languages Key permission sets Matrix detects changes and refreshes automatically Bug fixes and performance improvements
v5.11 - September 2018 New Time Tracking Interface
v5.7 - April 2017 Mobile Time Tracking
v5.1 - October 2016 Resource Hero Dashboard Matrix in Month view Customize Matrix Columns Sort and filter any column Archive Individual Resource Assignments New administrative controls Auto-Forecasting on Update Security Enhancements
v5.0 - May 2016 Lightning and user experience updates Easy distribution of hours when managing assignments Copy and clone resource assignments Performance boosts
v4.3 - July 2015 New design for the forecast and actual matrices Brand new time tracking matrix Administrator controls for utilization color, manage assignments screen, matrix defaults Performance enhancements
v4.0 - March 2015 New notes panel in “Day” view to journal work Expanded support for all standard and custom objects Customize the first column name on the Resource Actuals Matrix Bug fixes and performance enhancements

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