The Find Resources Component

The Find Resource component helps you search for resources based on resource fields and assigned skills. It can be accessed from the Find Resource button on the Manage Assignments component or from the detail page of an individual Resource Assignment record.

Searching for Resource

Enter up to ten separate conditions by clicking the Add Condition button.

  1. In the Field / Skill column, select a skill or field. Skills are grouped by Type. To easily find a skill or field, begin typing the name to filter the list of available options.
  2. Based on the type of Field / Skill that has been selected, an Operator will be selected by default. Confirm the selected Operator and make changes if needed.
  3. In the Value column, enter your search criteria.
  4. After all conditions have been entered, click the Find Resource button to search for matching Resources.

Searching for and selecting a matching Resource

Resources that match ANY of the entered criteria will be then be ranked based on their Criteria Match %. By default, only the top 200 ranked resources will be displayed in the table.

A chart visualizing Resource availability will also be displayed for the top 50 matching Resources.

Note, the number of ranked Resources that display in the table and the number that will display their availability charts can be configured in the RHA Configuration custom setting.

Criteria Match

Additional details about which condition was and was not matched can be seen in the Criteria column.

Hovering over a particular block will display the Field Name / Skill, Operator, and Value from the entered condition that maps to that block.

Availability Match

If hours have not yet been forecasted for the current assignment, the Availability Match % will show 100%.

If hours have been forecasted for the current assignment, Availability Match % will be calculated based on the following formula:

[Assignment Weeks with Resource Under Max Target] / [Number of Assignment Weeks]

As an example, hours have been forecasted for ten weeks for the current assignment. Due to forecasts on other opportunity assignments, a given resource will be over their max target hours, i.e. they are over-utilized, for four of the ten weeks. Based on this, their Availability Match % will show as 60%.

You can see additional availability details in the chart under the Resource Availability column.

Hours that have been forecasted for the current assignment are displayed in the darker color, while existing hours for other assignments for this resource will be shown in the lighter color. A dotted red line indicates the resource’s max target weekly hours.

Resource Availability charts display data for a period covering the current week to six months in the future.

Assigning a Resource

Click the Modify Criteria button if you need to make changes to entered criteria.

Once you have identified a resource that matches your criteria and that has availability, click the Assign button to assign the resource and close the Find Resource component.

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