The Basics

Setting up your company’s resources

Once you have Resource Hero setup and configured, the next step is to create your resources.

Creating a new resource

From the Resources tab you can create resources in one of two ways.

The first is to enter them one at a time using the standard Salesforce UI by clicking the New button:


Another option, and what we will describe in further detail, is to use the Manage Resources screen.

To open the Manage Resources screen, from the Resources tab select any list view, then click the Manage Resources button.


The Manage Resources screen

The Manage Resources screen allows you to quickly enter (or edit) information for multiple resources at one time.


Resource Fields

Resource Name

Enter in a name that will represent your resource.  In most cases, this will be the first and last name of a person.  Depending on the type of business and how you plan on using resource hero, this could also be the identifier of a piece of equipment, a room name, etc.

Target Hours

The Weekly Target Min Hours and Weekly Target Max Hours fields represent the range of hours that a resource should be working in a week.  These two fields are used in the Resource Hero matrices to calculate a given Resource’s utilization.

Optional fields

Other fields are available to help you track additional information about your Resources.

Team – Help put your resources into logical groups like Development, Account Managers, etc.

Minimum Rate – The minimum rate that this resource should be billed

Target Rate – The ideal rate that this resource should be billed.

Note: While Resource Hero includes key fields for tracking your Resources, you are free to create your own fields and even add them to the Manage Resources screen.

  • For details, on how to add new fields see the following Salesforce Help and Training article
  • For details on how to add additional fields to the Manage Resources screen, see the following support post.


Adding additional resources

To add additional resources, click the Add new resources button and a new blank line will be added


After entering in all details, click the Save button and you will be returned to the Resources list view where you should now see your added resources.


Editing existing resources

The Manage Resources screen can be used to edit existing Resources as well.  Simply select the Resources from the listview then click the Manage Resources button.


Deleting resources

Existing resources can also be deleted from the Manage Resources screen.

To delete a resource, click the Delete link to the right side of its corresponding row.

  • Resources that have not been saved yet will be deleted immediately
  • Resources that have already been saved (i.e. they already exist in the salesforce database), will be moved to the Existing records that will be deleted upon Save section of the page.


Click the Save button to save your changes.

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