The Manage Assignments Lightning Component

The Manage Assignments lightning component allows you to quickly add, update or remove resource assignments from an Opportunity or any other object that is configured to work with Resource Hero.

Create new assignments

In order to create new assignments:

  1. At the top right of the component, click the plus icon
  2. Enter details for the new assignment
  3. Click the Save button
Creating assignments with the Manage Assignments Lightning Component

Updating existing assignments

In order to update existing assignments:

  1. Makes changes to the existing assignment record
  2. Click the Save button
Update existing assignments with the Manage Assignments Lightning Component

Deleting existing assignments

In order to delete existing assignments:

  1. Click the delete icon for the row that should be deleted
  2. The row will be grayed out indicating that it is pending delete
  3. Click the Save button
Delete existing assignment with the Manage Assignments Lightning Component

Adding the interface to your Lightning Pages

  1. From a record detail page, click the gear icon at the top right corner, select Edit Page to open the Lightning App Builder
  2. In the list of Lightning Components on the left, scroll down to the Custom – Managed section
  3. Drag the RH Manage Assignments component onto the layout
  4. You can customize the component by using the available controls on the right side of the screen:
NameDescriptionAvailable ValuesDefault
Component Max HeightMaximum height that the component can grow as records are added.Integers greater than 100.300
Resource Assignment Field Set NameName of the Resource Assignment field set that controls which fields are displayed when viewing or editing Assignments through the interface.

If no field set is specified, fields will be retrieved from the RHA Manage Assignments custom setting.
All Resource Assignment field setsManage Assignment Standard Field Set
Show Archived Assignments
Should archived records be included in the list of assignments?
Show Add New AssignmentsShould be set to TRUE if you would like users to be able to create assignments using this component.true
Default Relationship FieldLookup field which should be populated with the Id from the current in focus related record.

Useful if you do not want to include the relationship field on the layout.

Ensure that the selected field has been configured (the Opportunity lookup is configured out-of-the-box).
All lookup Resource Assignment fieldsNone
Assignment Exclusion FieldThe Resource Assignment field that should be used to filter which records display in the interface. Detailed information can be found on the Assignment Exclusion Fields support post.All checkbox or checkbox-based formula Resource Assignment fieldsNone

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