The Manage Assignments Lightning Component

The Manage Assignments lightning component allows you to quickly add, update or remove resource assignments from an Opportunity or any other object that is configured to work with Resource Hero.

Adding the Manage Assignments lightning component to your lightning page

  • Edit the lightning page (either using the gear icon and edit page from the layout or through setup in the Lightning App Builder)
  • From the list of components, scroll down to the Custom – Managed section
  • Drag the RH Manage Assignments component onto the layout
  • Click Save
Add Component to layout


Assigning Resources

In order to create new assignments from the Manage Assignments lightning component:

  • Click the plus icon
  • Enter details for the new assignment
  • Click the Save button
Add new assignments


Updating existing assignments

In order to update existing assignments from the Manage Assignments lightning component:

  • Makes changes to the existing assignment record
  • Click the Save button
Update existing assignments


Deleting existing assignments

In order to delete existing assignments from the Manage Assignments lightning component:

  • Click the delete icon for the row that should be deleted
  • The row will be grayed out indicating that it is pending delete
  • Click the Save button
Delete existing assignment


Basic fields

Opportunity:  This is the Opportunity record that this assignment is related to.  Notice that the field defaults to the Opportunity record that you navigated from.

Resource:  This is the Resource record that you want to assign to work on this Opportunity.  Since initially you might not know which Resource you want to assign, this field can be left blank and filled in later.

Role:  This is the function that this resource will be performing while assigned to the Opportunity.  Roles like Account Manager, Designer, Project Manager, etc. are included when you install Resource Hero, however you can add or remove to this list by following the instructions in the following support page:  Add Resources and Roles for your organization

Rate:  This is an hourly bill rate that is used to calculate various Forecast and Actual amount fields.


Auto Forecasting Fields

These optional fields can be used to automatically create forecasts for a given assignment when you know, for example, that a Project Manager will work 2 hours per day from May 1 – June 15′.

The Forecast Mode field determines how the entered Hours (X) will be distributed between the Start Date and the End Date.  There are currently three forecast modes:

Day – X hours will be forecasted for each work day between the Start Date and the End Date.
Week – X hours will be forecasted on the first day of each work week that falls between the start and end date.
Month – X hours will be forecasted on the first day of each month that falls between the start and end date.
Total – X hours will be evenly distributed across all work days between the start and end date.


If you were to subsequently update the Forecast Mode, Start Date, End Date or Hours fields, any forecasts between the new Start Date and End Date will be overwritten.

If you want all forecasts to be overwritten (including those that are outside the new date range) check the Overwrite All Existing Forecasts checkbox.

Ensure that only authorized users have access to these fields as the potential for data loss, i.e. a user accidentally deleting data, is high.


Adding fields to the Manage Assignments lightning component

Fields from the Resource Assignment object and other related objects can be added to the Manage Assignments lightning component:

  • From setup, navigate to custom settings
  • Click Manage next to the RHA Manage Assignment Fields custom setting
  • Click the New button
  • Enter the details for the new column

Name – A unique identifier for this field.  In most cases will match the Field Name below but can be different.

Display Order – An integer that is greater or equal to 1.  Does not need to be sequential, i.e. they can have orders of 100, 200, 3000, etc.

Header – Text that should be displayed in the column header

Field Name – this is the API name of the field that you are adding.  Note: for fields from related objects, use the standard relationship notation.  For example, to add the Stage field from the opportunity object, the field name would be ResourceHeroApp__Opportunity__r.StageName

  • Once compete, click the Save button
Add fields

Other ways to manage assignments

While you could also add, update or remove assignments through the Resource Assignment related list on the Opportunity Detail Page or through the Resource Assignment tab itself, the Manage Assignments lightning component is designed to allow you to both view and modify assignments in the most efficient way possible.

If you are still using the Salesforce Classic UI, you can use the older Visualforce based manage assignments page.  Contact support for details.

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