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Resource reports that take you from gut-feeling to data-driven

I was able to pinpoint exactly the areas that I need to address to resolve resource conflicts, improve utilization and overall revenue!

Emil Ocon

Senior Project Manager

Innovative Discovery

See your business like you’ve never seen before

When forecasting, time tracking, and other data points converge, you can visualize the big picture down to the smallest detail. Whether you’re an individual, a team lead, or the CEO, resource reports, coupled with the Salesforce reporting engine, help you balance workload, course-correct faster, and make data-driven decisions.

Group of people huddled up in a conference room looking at reports and making decisions

Resource Utilization

See your team’s workload in the future based on utilization targets.

Sample resource utilization report detailing percent of time each resource is utilized by week and color coded to show when a resource is overbooked

Revenue and Profits

See the future pipeline based on forecasted hours, bill rates, and resource costs.

Sample report displaying revenue by month per project assignment

Forecast vs. Actual

Compare forecasts against actuals for a project or across the entire organization.

Sample bar chart showing organization-wise forecast versus actual time spent.

Workforce Planning

See which resource roles you might need in the future as you plan your project pipeline.

Sample bar chart showing resources and their forecast utilization compared to the target utilization.

Profit Margins

Use resource forecast hours and bill rates to calculate expenses and profit margins.

Sample report showing profit margin by resource over months.

Endless Possibilities

The Salesforce reporting engine allows you to visualize your data in countless ways.

A portion of the Salesforce report builder showing how leadership can create custom reports and charts with their Resource Hero data

Democratize and surface data for all

Data flows through our organizations at a tremendous speed. However, resource reports are valuable when people see it, at a time when something can be done, and have the ability to take action. Resource Hero data combined with the Salesforce platform allows you to surface the data in meaningful and actionable ways for your team.

Icon depicting a dashboard of charts
Reports and Dashboards

Use Salesforce to create reports and dashboards for your team.

Icon showing components can be selected and configured
On the Project

Add fields, charts, and data to your record pages.

Icon for sending email
Email Digests

Automatically email reports to your team base on resource data.

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