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Executive leadership can see the bigger picture of their organization's health

Having trouble getting to the 10,000 foot view?

Business leaders can get priceless insights and reports to guide big business decisions.

A report table depicting a pipeline of revenue by month per project assignment.

Business leaders can the organization’s health based on future revenue pipeline

All resources, assigned rates, forecasted hours, and time-tracked data are in your Salesforce, allowing you to get an accurate view of future revenue projections.

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Get an executive view of how busy everyone is and who’s the most profitable

With Resource Hero, you can get an accurate view of who’s busy and who’s not. Who’s bringing in the most revenue and who’s consistently completing work under forecast.

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Bar graph depicting resources against their target utilization so leadership can see who is overbooked.
A report table depicting a profit by month per project assignment used by leadership to gauge their organization's health

See project profit margin in real-time

You can extend Resource Hero data with your own formulas and workflows. We built the app to contort around your organization. Make it work for you and get you the data that you need to run your business.

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All the data to slice, dice, and gain insights

Access all Resource Hero data from the robust reporting tools available on Salesforce. Resource Hero comes with fundamental reports that you can start with and customize to your specific business needs.

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A portion of the Salesforce report builder showing how leadership can create custom reports and charts with their Resource Hero data

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