Product Basics

How Resource Hero and Salesforce are joined at the hip

Resource Hero Forecast Matrix being added to Salesforce Lightning layout

Resource Hero is a fully native Salesforce app

As a 100% native Salesforce app, Resource Hero is built on the platform. All data, processing, security, and customization occur within our customers’ Salesforce org. Working with Salesforce allows you to create a single resource and service management platform. Additionally, Resource Hero is available on all Salesforce editions.

Resource Hero is available on the following Salesforce Editions: Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer

Successful projects come from successful teamwork

Resource Hero works with Salesforce giving your teams the tools to manage client expectations and keep the work moving.

Icon depicting ability to adjust settings

Customize Resource Hero interfaces to work for you

Icon of two browser windows over each other depicting integration capabilities

Incorporate into existing Lightning pages and layouts

Icon for adding custom fields

Add custom fields and formulas pertinent to your organization

Icon with gears depicting process automation

Create automation and workflow around your business logic

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Native Salesforce is wonderful for integrations

Resource Hero can integrate within the Salesforce Customer 360 ecosystem and external cloud-based applications, including the 3,400+ apps already built and available on the AppExchange.

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Working with Salesforce keeps your data safe

Your Resource Hero data never leaves your Salesforce. Being the #1 cloud CRM, Salesforce holds up to all significant security and privacy standards, including GDPR, HIPPA, ISO 27001, and more. As such, Salesforce protects all Resource Hero and customer data, and you minimize the risk of a data breach.

The Resource Hero codebase routinely goes through the Salesforce AppExchange security review process. You can use our app with confidence, knowing that you get the same reliability, security, and infrastructure required by Fortune 100 companies already using Salesforce.

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