Key Product Features

Our customizable app works around your needs

Our goal is for Resource Hero is to be adaptable to our customers’ processes.

Being on Salesforce allows customers to extend Resource Hero with native functionality and apps in the AppExchange.

Screenshot depiction of how Resource Hero is a customizable app around your pages, layouts, and more.

Resource Assignments

Add custom fields as columns in the Manage Assignments component and work with the information pertinent to your team.

Depiction of how the Resource assignments screen can be customized
Depiction of how the Resource forecast and time tracking interfaces can be customized

The Forecast and Time Tracking Matrix

Customize the Forecast Matrix and Actual Matrix by adding or removing columns, setting default time ranges, or restricting to a read-only view.

Leverage the matrixes for any numerical field

Create other types of matrices that would be helpful to your business, like: revenue recognition, budget tracking, or number of widgets installed.

Depiction of how the Resource forecast and time tracking interfaces can be configured for numbers, currency, and percentages.
Depiction of how the Resource Hero Tap Tracking interfaces can be customized with time increments.

Time Tracking Lightning Component

Customizations for the Time Tracking Lightning Component allow you to modify the labels for each assignment and change the time increments for adding and subtracting hours.

Incorporate into existing Lightning pages and layouts

Add Resource Hero Matrices, components, and fields directly on Lightning or record pages throughout your Salesforce apps.

Depiction of how the Resource Hero interfaces can be customized and added to Salesforce page layouts.
Portion of Salesforce automation tools to further create app customizations.

Use Salesforce automation features to make life easier

Use automation tools like Process Builder, Flows, Alerts, and Triggers to automate resource management tasks based on Salesforce data.

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