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Project managers and service delivery leaders and can see success in realtime

Are you cobbling together a last-minute report?

We’d rather see project managers and service delivery leaders spend their time managing the team, not a bunch of spreadsheets.

Table with columns of people names and team assignments to show how Resource Hero can organize people in various ways.

Service leaders can organize and manage their pool of resources

Resources can be employees, contractors, and even equipment. In the Resources tab, you can manage all of them. Control the utilization targets for each resource, archive resources, and add your custom fields and formulae.

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Project managers can plan projects with utilization in mind

The Forecast Matrix is your interface to assign resources to projects and forecast their time into the future. As you do, you’ll see in real-time who’s overbooked or underbooked based on their workload pipeline.

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A portion of the Resource Hero Forecast Matrix showing a spreadsheet-like interface for managing resources and allocating time.
A chart comparing how much time was forecasts versus the time actually spent in order to optimize resource management.

Compare forecasted vs. tracked time by project, team, or entire organization

As projects kickoff and go in flight, you can see charts and reports on your page layout to measure forecasted hours against actual tracked hours. With this data, you can see your projects’ health in real-time and solve issues early.

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See company-wide resource utilization to see how busy your teams are

All forecast and tracked data sit in your Salesforce org. This means you can use the robust Salesforce reports engine to slice and dice the information the way you need. This enables you to view production workload in ways you’ve never been able to before.

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A bar chart comparing monthly forecast against target utilization.

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