Key Product Features

Resource management that finds people for your projects

Screenshot depiction of the Resource Hero Find Resources interface

Find people and other resources more effectively

Our resource management solution lets you find people based on what’s necessary for your project. Assign the right projects to resources using attributes like expertise, certifications, locations, and whatever else suits your organization. When you are staffing your team, you see resources ranked based on criteria match and resource availability.

Screenshot depiction of the Resource Hero Skills Assignment interface. The image shows how resources can be assigned various attributes to help make the best matches.
Icon of two browser windows over each other depicting integration capabilities
Skills Management

Keep an organized system of attributes to assign to your resources.

Icon of resource with editable attributes
Skill Assignment

Easily assign attributes to each resource to organize your team.

Icon depicting a dashboard of charts
Skills Reports

Run reports to help you identify skill gaps.

Resource management to better staff your projects

With your team tagged with attributes, we’re able to quickly match and assign the best available resources to meet project requirements.

Icon for resource allocation
Skills-Based Search

Find people based on whats needed for the work

Icon of resource with availability
Resource Availability

See how busy your people are as you plan timelines.

Icon for seeing assignments
Quick Assign

As you identify the best resources, add them to the project with ease.

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