Gain Insights with Reports and Dashboards

As Resource Hero is built 100% natively on the platform, you can take advantage of the platform’s robust reporting and analytics capabilities. Gain insights with reports and dashboards that show hours, utilization, and key financial information.


Resource Hero comes out of the box with several useful reports to get you started.  These reports can be found on the Reports tab under the Resource Hero App Reports folder.


Easily identify where and how much your resources are allocated.

Resource Hero report showing aggregated forecast hours

Use forecasts to help inform hiring and staffing decisions.

Resource Hero report showing required full time equivalent (FTEs) resources by Role

Forecast vs Actual

Resource Hero report that shows forecast vs actual by month

Allows you to see how actual hours tracked compares to what was forecasted and answer questions like:

  • Which of my resources is logging more hours than we expected?
  • Are we accurately forecasting our work?

Using conditional highlighting, you can quickly see where you have exceeded your forecasts.

Resource Hero report that shows forecast vs actual by Opportunity and resource.


Represents the total planned or actual hours vs a resource’s total available hours expressed as a percentage.

Resource Hero report that shows utilization percentage by resource.

Financial Reporting

Since bill rate and internal costs are tracked for each Resource Assignment, you can run powerful revenue reports and answer questions like:

  • How much did we bill for services last quarter?
  • What is my projected revenue for the next six months?
  • What is our cumulative revenue since the beginning of the current fiscal year?
Resource Hero report that shows financial information by parent, related record.


Assuming your edition of Salesforce allows it, you can add your Resource Hero data to existing or new Dashboards.

An example of a Resource Hero dashboard.

Custom Report Types

In some cases, you might want to create a report that leverages fields from objects other than those that are included when you install Resource Hero.  For example, suppose you would like to create a forecast vs actual report that only shows Opportunities that have a stage equal to Closed Won.  This is where Report Types come in.

See the Creating a Custom Report Type support post or, for more information see Set Up a Custom Report Type from Salesforce Help.

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