About us

Resource Hero is the most intuitive, customizable, extendable, and economical resource management app on Salesforce. Our mission is to enable organizations to optimize their workforce to best balance productivity and profits.

As a five-star rated app for teams with multiple people working on multiple projects, Resource Hero works on Salesforce to enable customers to forecast their people’s workload, track actual time, and get the data to make sound decisions.

Origin story

From its origin in 2013, Resource Hero has gone from an internally used, macro-ridden spreadsheet, to a Salesforce native app providing resource management to over 3,500 users ranging from small businesses to Fortune companies around the globe.

Before its creation, Resource Hero co-founder and Local Wisdom managing partner Pinaki Kathiari researched a variety of solutions for a cohesive, customizable resource management platform for his growing business. With no solution in sight, Pinaki teamed up with fellow co-founder Bill Kuehler to create Resource Hero, an app dedicated to simplifying both the day-to-day and big picture aspects of resource management. Their everlasting quest to create the most easy-to-use, flexible, and cost-effective product makes Resource Hero the best option for resource planning, time tracking, and reporting.

Product design philosophy


We designed Resource Hero to have familiar and frictionless interfaces.


Our goal was to enable Resource Hero to adapt to your processes.


As a 100% Salesforce app, Resource Hero can integrate with just about anything.


We wanted our product to be accessible to businesses, non-profits, and organizations of all sizes.

Core values

  • 1

    Customer Success

    Enable custoemrs to create a healthy, profitable, organization where work is properly balanced.

  • 2

    People Development

    Give our people the tools to be successful and encourage them to develop their skills.

  • 3

    Company Growth

    Expand our market share and remain competitive by elevating the value that we bring.

  • 4

    Community Support

    Seek out opportunities to improve our communities and the lives of those in it.

Meet our team

Bill Kuehler , Co-Founder and Head of Development

Bill Kuehler is the co-founder and head of development at Resource Hero, an expert on Salesforce with 15 years of experience, and a Salesforce community leader and educator.

Steve Sanders , Salesforce Solutions Engineer

Steve Sanders joined the Resource Hero team in 2023 as our Salesforce Solution Engineer. Using strategic thinking, complex problem solving, and advanced communication skills, Steve translates the gap between business and IT. Highly focused on customer success, he builds trusting relationships with our clients by understanding and finding solutions for their emerging business needs and challenges.

Heather Olsen , Vice President of Sales

With over 20 years of customer service and sales experience, Heather Olsen joined Resource Hero in 2021. As the company Vice President of Sales, Heather handles the external reach of Resource Hero with product demonstrations, customer success, and marketing strategy. She is a military spouse and first learned of Resource Hero through the Salesforce Military community.

Pinaki Kathiari , Co-Founder & Board Member

Pinaki Kathiari is the CEO of Local Wisdom, a leader in digital communications, an international speaker on communications, and co-founder of Resource Hero.

Michael Alfaro , Co-Founder & Board Member

Michael Alfaro serves as CTO/COO of Local Wisdom and co-founder of Resource Hero.