The Basics

Configure Resource Hero on the Opportunity object

Add Resource Hero components to Opportunity lightning pages

While viewing an opportunity record, click the gear icon in the top-right corner, then click Edit Page.  Once the Lightning App Builder opens, the following components can be added to the page:

  • RH Manage Assignments lightning component
  • Resource Hero Time Tracking lightning component
  • Opportunity Forecast visualforce page
  • Opportunity Actual visualforce page

Components can be added directly to the page or within tabs, accordions, etc.  Once complete, click the Save button then click Back.

The components are now visible and accessible from your page.

Setup Opp Lightning Page

Add fields to your page layouts

From setup, enter Object Manager in the quick find search box then click on Object Manager

Click on the Opportunity object


If you would like to use the page layout that comes pre-configured with Resource Hero, you can do so by assigning the Resource Hero Opportunity Layout to your users by clicking the Page Layout Assignments button.

If you would prefer to add Resource Hero to your existing layouts, select the edit button from the list of options to the right.


If you are unfamiliar with the process, details on how to use the Salesforce page layout editor can be found within Salesforce Help and Training here.

Create sections and add Resource Hero fields to the layout:



Next Steps

Now that Resource Hero has been setup on your Opportunity object, let’s setup your company’s Resources.

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