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So, you might have some questions.

Can Resource Hero be added to our custom tabs?

Great question! Resource Hero, can be added to any and multiple Salesforce objects concurrently: custom, standard, or managed packaged. Beyond that, you can add custom formula, charts, triggers and workflows to make it even more custom to your business.

Can you help me setup and customize Resource Hero?

Of course we can. We offer a services model to help you with the basics of installing and setting up Resource Hero on standard or custom objects. Beyond that, we’re there to help you with advanced customization which includes workflows, triggers, reports, dashboards, and ongoing consultation. Contact us to learn more and get an estimate based on your needs.

Do all my Salesforce users need to have a license?

Not at all. You can purchase just the number of Resource Hero licenses that you need. In Salesforce, you can then assign licenses to the right users.

Are there limitations for my edition of Salesforce?

Maybe. Enterprise and Unlimited editions of Salesforce can take advantage of Resource Hero to its full extent. Group and Professional editions have limitations on reports, security profiles, and workflow triggers. Feel free to talk to us or your Salesforce Account Executive about specifics.

What exactly is a Resource anyway?

Glad you asked. In terms of Resource Hero, a resource can be a person, equipment, space, or anything that you can book for clients and charge an hourly rate for time spent. For our team at Local Wisdom, our resources are talented people: project managers, designers, developers, and curators.

Can we try it free with multiple users?

Absolutely! We want to make sure it works for you before we charge you a dime. You can sign up now and access the 14-day trial. If you need longer, please contact us. During your trial you can have up to 5 people on Resource Hero.

What happens at the end of my trial?

It depends. If you are running the trial on your Sandbox, then your Resource Hero app objects and fields becomes inactive. If you’ve entered in your credit card and running on your Production, then your credit card will be charged. We’ll send you an email before that happens.

Is there special pricing for enterprise or non-profit?

Let’s talk. We offer volume pricing discounts for enterprise companies looking for more than 500 licenses. We also offer non-profit discounts for organizations that purchase more than 100 licenses.

Can you help us train and onboard our staff?

Would love to! We’re here to help you be successful. Contact us to talk about how we can setup the right introduction and training program for your staff.

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