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Resource Hero

Our simple, customizable, extendable, and economical resourcing app is built for teams working on multiple projects.

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Resource Hero is $15 monthly per user. Comes with Free 14-day trial and volume and non-profit discounts are available
  • Weekly Time Sheet
  • Resource Object
  • Tap-Tracking Interface
  • Quick Start set up call
  • Resource Forecast Matrix
  • Time Tracking Actual Matrix
  • Resource Hero Dashboard
  • Configurable pre-built reports
  • Resource Assignments Component

Support & Services

Quick Start Call

We take pride in how quickly our app is installed and configured. Our Quick Start Call gets you setup with Resource Hero in 1- hour.

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During trial or purchase period

Office Hour Sessions

Our Office Hour co-creation session brings incredible speed, efficiency, and productivity to what we can accomplish together.

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Starter Plan for five Office Hour sessions

You might have some questions.

We don’t use Opportunities, can Resource Hero be added to other standard or our own custom objects?

Great question! Resource Hero, can be added to any and multiple Salesforce objects concurrently: custom, standard, or managed packaged. Beyond that, you can add custom formulas, charts, triggers, and workflows to make it even more custom to your business.

Can you help me setup and customize Resource Hero?

Of course, we offer a Quick Start call to help you with the basics of installing and configuring Resource Hero in your environment.  Beyond that, we can also help you with advanced customization which includes workflows, triggers, reports, dashboards, and ongoing consultation with our Office Hour Sessions.

Do all my Salesforce users need to have a Resource Hero license?

Not at all, only users that will work with the Resource Hero interface, need access to Resource Hero data, or run Resource Hero reports will need a Resource Hero license.  You can purchase just the number of licenses that you need and then assign them to the appropriate users.

Are Resources the same as Salesforce Users?

Glad you asked. No, resources are not the same thing as users.  In Resource Hero, a resource can be a person, a piece of equipment, a partner company, a generic type of resource, etc.  For example, you might have 5 Resource Hero users that are using our app to forecast the time of 100 resources.

Can we try it free with multiple users?

Absolutely! We want to make sure it works for you before we charge you a dime. You can sign up now and access the 14-day trial. If you need longer, please contact us or schedule time with us. During the installation from the AppExchange, you can specify how many users you would like to license for your trial.

What happens at the end of my trial?

If you are trialing in production and you entered your credit card or ACH details when you installed from the AppExchange, then your credit card or ACH will be charged. We’ll send you an email before that happens.

Is there special pricing for non-profits?

Absolutely.  We offer discounts for qualified non-profits.  Contact us for details.

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