Optimize + manage your team’s work

The most intuitive, customizable, and extendable resource management and time tracking solution on Salesforce.

Built for teams working
on multiple projects

Achieving a balance between productivity, profits, and customer satisfaction happens when teams work together. Resource Hero gives your sales, service, and delivery teams the resource management and time tracking tools to manage expectations and keep the work moving.

A portion of the Resource Hero Forecast Matrix showing a spreadsheet-like interface for managing resources and allocating time.

Assign people and forecast workload

Peer into the pipeline of future work by rapidly capturing and manipulating resource utilization plans for all your projects.

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Track the time it takes to do work

Don’t waste time tracking time! Resource Hero gives your team multiple time tracking methods to never miss a beat.

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Resource Hero Tap Tracking Interface allows users effortless time tracking with a few button clicks.
A chart comparing how much time was forecasts versus the time actually spent in order to optimize resource management.

Analyze and take data-driven action

Use forecast and actual data to make informed decisions, course-correct faster, manage expectations, and balance team workload.

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Assemble and organize your team

A single source of truth where you can access everything you need to organize all aspects of your company’s resource management needs.

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A resource management interface showing an editable list of resources with attributes such as resource name, role, and bill rate.

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Five Stars

5-Star Rated

When we sit down to assess our staffing needs, we’re better prepared than we’ve ever been and in a fraction of the time. I would venture to guess that our financial and staff reporting time has been cut at least in half—what was manual has turned into all but done with the click of a button.

James R. Splendore

Strategic Initiatives Manager

HR&A Advisors, Inc.