Is Resource Hero right for your organization?

We get it, there are a lot of options out there

There is no shortage of resource management and planning applications in the market. We think there is a place for all of them, just as there is a special place for us. To help you decide whether Resource Hero is the right fit for your organization, we propose the following eight questions.

  • 1

    Are you currently on or considering the Salesforce platform for your organization?

    Resource Hero is an app that works on Salesforce and you would need to have access to it in order to use our products.

  • 2

    Do your employees typically work on multiple projects and multiple customers?

    Resource Hero works best for teams who work on multiple projects concurrently by helping them stay away from being overworked and allowing them to adequately balance workload.

  • 3

    Is all your resource forecasting, time tracking and project management spread out over several tools and spreadsheets?

    Many of our customers came to us because they were spending too much time cobbling together data from disparate tools and spreadsheets.

  • 4

    Are you unable to confidently say how busy each member of your team will be, weeks and months from now?

    Resource Hero forecasting helps you get a view of how busy your team will be into the future. Its the basis of how you know when to scale up work or scale up your team.

  • 5

    Are you finding other tools too expensive, overblown, or inflexible for your needs?

    Many Resource Hero customers are looking for an effective, flexible, and economical application and that's what we built.

  • 6

    Are you inadequately equipped to use reports from past work to improve the accuracy of future work?

    The ability to look back into the performance and outcomes of your prior work is critical to evolve your services and delivery for future work, which is why this is a core tenant of Resource Hero.

  • 7

    Do you find your people are sometimes overworked and other times underutilized, and wish you could balance the workload?

    Having a services business is all about achieving the right balance of work and available resources. Our product was built to solve this and help you balance team workload.

  • 8

    Are you making staffing decisions based on hunches, and gut-feeling without the use of any quantitative data?

    Everyone feels pressures based on the current workload situation; however, it's vitally important that decisions are made based on trends and not a snapshot of today.

How did you do?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, you should call us to speak with our sales team and explore how Resource Hero can help you, specifically. Use the form below to schedule a time that’s convenient for you.

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Bill and his team were more than helpful and patient with us through every step in the process – from our initial review of the system, to getting it installed, and then having it set up to meet our specific needs. The folks at Resource Hero have delivered a great product that they continue to improve and update, along with truly excellent service. I can’t recommend them more highly.

Chuck Clessler

VP Professional Services