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Practical Time Tracking to know where your work stands

Resource Hero has literally transformed the way we handle our internal resourcing. [Resource Hero] allowed us to monitor, time, revenue and utilisation.”

Geraint Bater

Finance Director & Senior Partner

SBR Consulting

Screenshot depiction of the Resource Hero Tap Tracking time tracking component on an email client

Tracking time in places that make sense

No one ever said that they love tracking their time. Nonetheless, keeping tabs on where people spend time is an integral part of work management, insight gathering, budgeting, and profit calculation. This importance is why we create time tracking interfaces that are integrated, easy, and available in ways that make sense to your production and service delivery teams.

A portion of the Resource Hero Weekly Time Tracking component showing a spreadsheet-like interface for logging time to projects

Weekly Time Sheet

Our standard weekly timesheet lives on your Resource record and works like a spreadsheet that shows your work assignments and allows you to quickly key in your time for the current week.

Tap-Tracking Interface

You can add our Tap-tracking interface to multiple screens such as Lightning record pages, mobile apps, Outlook, and Gmail. Its unique design allows you to track time in seconds with only a few taps and clicks.

Resource Hero Tap Tracking Interface allows users effortless time tracking with a few button clicks.
A portion of the Resource Hero Weekly Time Tracking component showing a the ability to capture notes

Capturing Notes

Your project team can easily add notes when tracking their time to keep a log of their work, progress, and other essential information.

Tracking time in places that make sense

We never want logging time to be another to-do item. That’s why we allow our customers to place our time tracking interfaces on the most convenient screens for their team members to track time fast and get back to the real work.

Photo of a man sitting at a desk working on a laptop computer and a woman walking in a city working on a smart phone
On any Record Page

Add time tracking to any record page on standard and custom objects including those from other apps.

On the Home Tab

Put time tracking on the first page that people see when they log in to your Salesforce.

On Custom Lightning Apps

Create a seamless experience with custom apps that give your people what they need all in one place.

On Salesforce Mobile

The Tap-Tracking interface is easily accessible on the Salesforce Mobile app.

On the Resource Record Page

The Resource object is where managers, workers, and admins access and edit a resource’s information.

On Salesforce Experiences

Integrate time recording into your custom-designed employee communities and portals.

On Outlook or Gmail

The Tap-Tracking interface can live on the Salesforce side panel within Outlook and Gmail.

Building accountability across the team

When people have a common goal and are well informed, they will band together towards success. Spread the accountability for success across your entire team by allowing them to see how their work positively affects business outcomes.

Icon showing components can be selected and configured
Organization Transparency

Surface up organization-wide data such as company utilization.

Icon for email alerts
Email Reminders

Automate personal email reminders and alerts.

Icon for time sheet approvals
Time Approvals

Setup flows to validate, approve, and lock time entry.

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