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Organize resource management for successful outcomes

Resource Hero integrates into our fairly custom approach to resource management. The interface is exactly what we needed and the ability to integrate into custom objects is a game changer.”

Ben Rodgers

Delivery Operations Manager

Shift Technology

Screenshot depiction of the Resource record page allowing teams to manage resources' attributes.

Organize your resource management

Resources, be it people, equipment, or whatever makes your services remarkable, have an array of attributes and data points associated with them. With Resource Hero, you can catalog and keep your resources’ information organized in one place and use it to help the team assign the ideal resources with the best attributes to the right projects.

Group of people in a warehouse setting
Icon of a group of people
Groups & Teams

Organise resources into groups, teams, and departments

Icon of resource with availability
Utilization Range

Set minimum and maximum number of hours per week

Icon of financial report with calculator
Cost Rates

Track internal resource costs over time to calculate expenses

Icon showing components can be selected and configured
All Assignments

View and update all assignments, forecast hours, and time tracked

Icon for seeing assignments

See what projects have been worked on in the past

Icon for vacation calendar
Vacation Tracking

See vacation time and know if time off affects service and delivery

Icon for holiday calendar
Holiday Calendar

Incorporate your company’s holiday schedule

Icon of hand with floating gears
Target Bill Rates

Set minimum and target bill rates for customer work

Icon of resource with editable attributes
Advanced Skills Add-on

Use our Skills add-on to find available resources even faster

Control resourcing across your entire organization

The Resource Hero Dashboard allows you to see and update forecasts and actuals from multiple resources, and multiple projects all from within the same matrix interface.

Sample screenshot of the Resource Hero dashboard allowing users to see detail for all resources and assignments

Customise and secure your resource management

Our Resource Object is highly expandable, allowing you to manage and organize resources in more powerful ways specific to your business. Customers have build performance reviews, skills tracking, and more into their environment. Moreover, the built-in security features of Salesforce allow you to lock down and control who sees and accesses sensitive information.

Icon showing components can be selected and configured
Deep Customization

Customize the page layout with the right information and custom fields you need for your people

Security Access Controls

Take advantage of all Salesforce security capabilties to control who has access to information

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