Key Product Features

The Forecast Matrix for capturing resource planning predictions

After starting my own Consultancy, [Resource Hero] has been crucial to how I manage my business, invoice my customers, forecast bandwidth and more.”

Bill Powell

Solution Architect & Founder, Salesforce MVP

Tiny Feet Cloud Services

Screenshot depiction of the Resource Hero Forecast Matrix embedded onto a Salesforce page layout

Allocate and manage resource planning for your projects

It can be daunting to manage all the data points for resourcing and planning your service projects. By adding the Manage Assignments Lightning component to any page layout, you can quickly adjust resources, roles, rates, and more. Ultimately, we want you to assemble the best team roster for your projects.

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Resource Allocation

Assign resources to multiple projects or Salesforce objects. Resources can be anything like people, equipment, or credits.

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Manage Assignments

Archive and control resource assignments manually or using automated Salesforce triggers and workflows.

Icon of crystal ball with gears to automate planning
Auto Forecast

Automatically calculate and forecast hours for long periods by filling out a few form fields.

Forecast work to build the best project scenario

At its core, Resource Hero helps service organizations look into the future to understand their teams’ workload. This feature allows teams to balance workload and profitability. The Forecast Matrix helps customers achieve this foresight with an intuitive spreadsheet-like timeline that allows you to rapidly capture and manipulate resource utilization plans.

Icon of crystal ball
Resource Forecast

Forecast resource hours, currency, or other numeric values over days, weeks, and months.

Icon of resource with availability
Real-time Utilization

See if resources are over or under-booked in real-time as you build your forecast plan.

Icon of report charts and calculator
Calculate Data

See calculations like total forecast hours, total revenue, blended rate, and add your own formulas.

Icon of month calendar
Time Increments

Toggle between daily, weekly, and monthly timeline views across multiple time ranges.

Icon depicting a dashboard of charts
Reports and Dashboards

Get a view of your project, team, or organization’s forecasted workload into the future.

Icon of editable notes
Capture Notes

Add notes to any day and capture context to the work being planned.

Customize and automate to make your life easier

Being 100% native to the Salesforce platform gives our customers the ability to enhance and infuse Resource Hero into the tried and true processes familiar to your team. Beyond administrative interfaces that allow Resource Hero to contort to your team’s preferences, the Salesforce ecosystem enables you to create powerful automation and workflows to speed up your processes.

Icon of resource with editable attributes
Advanced Skills Add-on

Use our Skills add-on to manage your resources’ attributes to find available resources with the skills you need even faster.

Icon of crystal ball with gears to automate planning
Automate Forecasting

Use built-in Salesforce tools like Flow, Process Builder, or Triggers to automate assignments and forecasting.

Icon depicting ability to adjust settings
Customize the Interface

Personalize the Forecast Matrix with the default views, columns and data to make forecasting even easier.

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