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Service delivery and production teams can manage their work

Tracking your time is annoying and tedious, isn’t it?

With Resource Hero, service delivery teams manage their work and track time in seconds.

A portion of the Resource Hero Tap Tracking Interface that allows service delivery teams can track time quickly and conveniently

Service delivery teams can track time quickly and conveniently

Resource Hero gives you multiple ways to track time on screens embedded in your workflow and interfaces that make it as easy as using a spreadsheet or clicking a few buttons.

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Know where production team members stand in their work

With Resource Hero, you can see the amount of time that’s been allocated for your work against how much time you’ve tracked to gauge whether work can be completed on time and within budget.

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A chart comparing how much time was forecasted versus the time spent so service delivery team members can gauge where they stand on each project.
A comical pie chart depicting three equal parts: work, life, and balance.

We’re all about work-life balance

We help your managers make better decisions on workload by allowing them to set workload ranges and consider your vacation time when planning, all while sticking to business objectives.

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