Add fields to the Manage Assignments component

Administrators can customize which fields display on the Manage Assignments lightning component using Field Sets. Field Sets are created on the Resource Assignment object and can contain fields from the Resource Assignment as well as other related objects.

Only fields added from the Resource Assignment object will be editable. All other fields, for example, those added from the Opportunity object, will be displayed as read only.

When adding the Manage Assignment component to a record lightning page, the Manage Assignment Standard Field Set will be used by default. This field set includes the following fields:

Resource Assignment Field NameIs Required
Auto Forecast Horusfalse
Forecast Modefalse
Start Datefalse
End Datefalse

Prior to Resource Hero version 11.6

Before the v11.6 release, Manage Assignment fields were controlled by entries in the RHA Manage Assignments custom setting. While this method is still supported, the use of Field Sets is the preferred option. To add fields using this method:

  1. From setup, navigate to custom settings
  2. Click Manage next to the RHA Manage Assignment Fields custom setting
  3. Click the New button
  4. Using the field definitions below as a guide, enter the details for the new column.
  5. Once complete, click the Save button.
Add fields to the Manage Assignments lightning component
Add fields to the Manage Assignments component

The RHA Manage Assignment Fields custom setting

Field Definitions

The RHA Manage Assignment Fields custom setting contains the following fields:

NameDescriptionValid Values
NameUnique identifier for this custom setting record. While not required, as a best practice, the Name and Field Name values should match.Text between 1 and 80 characters in length.
Field NameThe API name of the field that you are adding. To add fields from objects related to the Resource Assignment, use the standard relationship notation.

For example, to add the Stage field from the Opportunity object, the field name would be ResourceHeroApp__Opportunity__r.StageName
Text between 1 and 255 characters in length.
HeaderText which should be displayed in the column header.Text between 1 and 255 characters in length.
Display OrderA whole number between 1 and 40000. Values do not need to be sequential and can be spaced to make it easier to add additional fields in the future.A whole number between 1 and 9999.
Sort By OrderReserved for future use. Sort order of the Manage Assignment and the Matrix interfaces are currently controlled in the RHA Configuration custom setting.A whole number between 1 and 9999.
Required FieldUsed to make a field required.true
Read OnlyUsed to make a field read-onlytrue
Is GenericA backend field that should not be modified without first consulting with the Resource Hero support team.true
Read Only ModeReserved for future use.
Default Settings

When first installed, the following values are pre-configured in the RHA Manage Assignment Fields custom setting:

NameField NameHeaderDisplay OrderRequired FieldRead OnlyIs Generic
Forecast_Mode__cResourceHeroApp__Forecast_Mode__cForecast Mode5001falsefalsefalse
Start_Date__cResourceHeroApp__Start_Date__cStart Date5002falsefalsefalse
End_Date__cResourceHeroApp__End_Date__cEnd Date5003falsefalsefalse
Overwrite_All_Existing_Forecasts__cResourceHeroApp__Overwrite_All_Existing_Forecasts__cOverwrite All Existing Forecasts5004falsefalsefalse

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