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CenTrack streamlines time forecasting and project tracking


CenTrak’s mission is to help its clients achieve efficiency, and does so by providing robust and scalable location and sensing services. This technology helps large hospitals, senior living communities, and other healthcare providers track medical equipment, staff, and patients in real-time.






CenTrak directors manage team members, who are all concurrently working on different projects at various stages of implementation. These team leaders needed a better way to track employees’ time and project status. They also needed a way to accurately forecast
estimated hours for upcoming tasks.


Resource Hero has changed the game for CenTrak directors:

  • Easier time forecasting and tracking
  • Approve or adjust proposed time forecasts
  • Update and view various steps of each project
  • Automatic alerts with project status changes
  • Reminders of how much time is remaining per project


By leveraging Resource Hero as a management tool, CenTrak teams can prepare for meetings with upper management with more speed. The hours spent inputting and analyzing data in Excel are no more. Calculations are a thing of the past. Today, directors can ascertain high-level insights at a glance within Resource Hero, or export the data to share.

  • Automated notifications
  • Project management abilities
  • Client relations
  • Profitability
  • Administrative taskss
  • Time spend preparing reports

From the team

Resource Hero saves me a ton of time. Every business wants to keep administrative work to a minimum, and get exposure to the data right away. It’s all about being efficient in how data is collected and presented, and we’re able to achieve that with Resource Hero.

Barak Nissan

Director of Field Service Engineering


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