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Advising on the most complicated real estate and economic development projects across the U.S. and internationally, HR&A Advisors (HR&A) is a 100+ person consulting firm focused on improving cities with 300 active projects annually.


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HR&A lacked an easy and streamlined way to accurately track staff hours, project budgets, and forecasts of upcoming scheduled work. There was no reporting system to synthesize the captured data to support management in making business decisions in project staffing, resource management, and budget management.


A unified project platform with Resource Hero on top of Salesforce for leadership, project managers, and employees to track their time and budgets within one consolidated system.

  • Resource forecasting and time tracking
  • Built on the existing project management system
  • Project cost, staff utilization, and status reporting
  • Billing categorization and profitability reporting
  • Configured on customer’s custom objects
  • Integration with Quickbooks Online
  • Built on Sales Cloud and Platform


By leveraging Resource Hero as a management tool, HR&A has been able to enhance its internal business processes and substantially increase efficiency in the management of its business resource, staffing, and projects.

Increased efficiency and compliance from accurate data and complete reporting. Gained a clear picture in real-time of what staff from all offices is working on. Optimized firmwide profit from real-time monitoring and quicker adjustments.

  • Optimized staffing
  • Accurate forecasting
  • Salesforce adoption
  • Data transparency
  • Time and costs
  • Seperate systemts

From the team

When we sit down to assess our staffing needs, we’re better prepared than we’ve ever been and in a fraction of the time. I would venture to guess that our financial and staff reporting time has been cut at least in half—what was manual has turned into all but done with the click of a button.

James R. Splendore

Strategic Initiatives Manager

HR&A Advisors, Inc.

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