Import Resources using Data Import Wizard

Resources can be created manually, or you can upload them using a CSV file and the Salesforce Data Import Wizard.

Create a CSV file and include the desired field columns

  1. Resource Name (Required)
  2. Weekly Target Min Hours
  3. Weekly Target Max Hours
  4. Team
Prepare your CSV file before using the data import wizard

Once you have created your Resource CSV file, you can import your resources to the Resource Object.

The import button as seen from the Resource tab

In Data Import Wizard, select Resources, and then Add New Records. Drag your CSV file to the indicated box to upload.

Select the resource object then upload your CSV file

Ensure your fields are mapped correctly. The column header must match the Field Label.

Data import field mapping screen

You should now see your imported Resources with your chosen fields in the Resource tab.

All Resources are loaded

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