How to setup mobile time tracking

Note:  You must have My Domains enabled in your salesforce org to use Mobile Time Tracking. For details, view the Prerequisite – My Domain support post.

Adding Resource Hero Time Tracking to the Salesforce1 Navigation Menu

  • From Setup, enter Salesforce1 into the Quick Find search box, then click on Salesforce1 Navigation
  • From the list of available components on the left, select Resource Hero Time Tracking, then click Add.
  • Once complete, click Save.

Setup users for time tracking

In order to setup users for time tracking, you must link their Salesforce user record to the appropriate Resource record:

  • From the Resource record, use the lookup on the User field to select the related user.
  • Once selected, save the record.


That’s it!  Resource Hero Mobile Time Tracking is now fully configured.  For details on how it works, check out the How to use mobile time tracking support post.

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