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Creating a Custom Report Type

In some cases, you might want to create a report that leverages fields from objects other than those that are included when you install Resource Hero.  For example, suppose you would like to create a forecast report that is grouped by Opportunity Stage.  This is where Report Types come in.

When you create a report type, you specify the objects, relationships, and fields that users can select for their reports.

From Setup, enter Report Types in the quick find search box, click Report Types then click the New Custom Report Type button.


Select Opportunities from the Primary Object dropdown, then give your report type a name, label and description.  Also, select the category that this report type will be displayed under when creating a new report.  Once complete, click the Next button.


Define the report record set as follows, then click the Save button.


Your new report type should now be available when creating a new report.


When you create a report of this type you can include Opportunity fields as well as Resource Hero fields.



For more information see Set Up a Custom Report Type from Salesforce Help and Training.

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