Advanced customization and how to’s

Customize the list of available resource assignment roles

You are required to select a Role anytime you assign a Resource to an Opportunity (or other object).  While Resource Hero comes preconfigured with a set of roles, you can configure the list to better suit the needs of your business.



From Setup, enter Object Manager into the quick find search box, then click on Object Manager.


Click on the Resource Assignment object

From the Fields and Relationships section, click on the Role field



From here you can add new, edit existing and delete values.


Adding values

Click the New button, then enter your new values, one per line


Once complete, click the Save button.  Your values should now be available.



Deleting existing values

Click the Del link next to the value that you wish to delete.  Click the OK button when asked to confirm.

As every Resource Assignment record is required to have a Role, you must select a value from the Replace value on records with drop down.


Once you have made your selection, click the Save button.


For more details on how to customize picklist fields, see the following Salesforce Help and Training article:  Add or Edit Picklist Values

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