Use Salesforce Flow to split Resource Assignments when staffing needs change

Use Case

You’re the system admin at Cloud Kicks, and your company has been using Resource Hero to staff and allocate time for projects. Projects typically last anywhere from three to six months, and the Resources assigned at the beginning of the project usually work through the project until completion.

One of your project managers, Olivia White, comes to you with a challenge she has been facing. A developer, Owen Harris, who has been working full time on a project, will be on paternity leave starting next month. In addition to offering your congratulations and planning the baby shower, you need to make sure another resource covers his development work in his absence.


Olivia uses the Manage Assignments component to create new assignments and then manually move the hours using the Forecast Matrix. While this has worked well, due to the growing number of staffing changes (leaves, project reassignments, and change orders), manual work has been steadily increasing.

You know that since Resource Hero is a 100% native Salesforce application, you can use the full suite of automation tools available to you on the Salesforce platform, including Flow.

Before we start building, we map out the high-level requirements for the automation:

  1. We’ll have a button to start the splitting process available on the original, Source Assignment.
  2. When clicked, users will be presented with a screen where they can select the cutoff date and the new resource that should be assigned to the new, Destination Assignment.
  3. Once they enter this information and click save, the system will automatically create a new Assignment.
  4. After the cutoff date, the automation moves any Forecasts on the Source Assignment to the Destination Assignment.

See it in action

Next steps

Because Resource Hero is built natively on the Salesforce platform, we can harness the power of Flow’s no-code automation to help you find solutions to your unique business challenges. This solution uses our Resource Hero App and out-of-the-box Salesforce tools available in your org.

Reach out to us to discuss how we can help you streamline your Resource Forecasting processes and Time Tracking needs.

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