Exclude hours from utilization coloring

Sometimes you might want to exclude forecast and actual hours related to a particular Opportunity from being included in utilization coloring calculations. For example, an Opportunity that is forecasted but is subsequently Closed Lost.

To exclude hours, set the Opportunity.RH Exclude from Utilization Coloring field to TRUE.

With some simple configuration, this same logic can be applied to objects other than Opportunities that have been configured to work with Resource Hero. Create a new custom field as per the following:

TypeLabelField NameDefault ValueDescription/Help Text
CheckboxRH Exclude From Utilization ColoringRH_Exclude_From_Utilization_ColoringfalseCheck this box to exclude all hours related to this record from Resource Hero matrix utilization calculations.

This field can be checked manually by a user or automatically though Flows, Triggers, or other automation.

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