How to Auto Archive Assignments (on objects other than Opportunity)

Use Case

You’re the Salesforce Admin at Cyberdine Systems Inc. where your company has been using Resource Hero to staff and allocated time for opportunities. Emily Perkins, from the Operations Team, recently decided the company will begin using a custom project object, instead of the Opportunity object, to track new projects. These new projects will typically last typically 45 – 60 days with most resources remaining on the project until completion. 

One of your project managers, Jack Carter, comes to you with a challenge. He points out that Resource Hero comes preconfigured with an “Archive all assignments” checkbox on opportunities. However, now that Cyberdine Systems will be using Resource Hero on the Project object, he is unable to check a single box and archive all related assignments when a project is closed out.


Jack is concerned that resources viewing their current assignments or tracking their actual hours on their resource record will become confused or frustrated, unable to determine which assignments they are currently working on. Additionally, management is concerned about the added effort required from project managers when archiving individual assignments based on a project’s lost or closed status. While Jack can use almost any criteria, he would like to archive all related Resource Assignments on projects where the status has been changed to closed and 7 days have passed since any actual hours were logged.


You know that since Resource Hero is a 100% native Salesforce application, you can use the full suite of customization and automation tools available to you on the Salesforce platform, including custom fields and Flow.

Before we start building, we map out the high-level requirements for the automation.

  1. Create a Rollup Summary field on the Resource Assignment object called “Greatest Actual Date”. (Summarize Object: Resource Forecast, Field to Aggregate: Forecast Date, Summary Type: MAX, Filter Criteria: Actual > 0)
  2. Create a Checkbox formula field on the Resource Assignment object called “Should be Archived”, and add your archive criteria.
  3. Create a Scheduled Flow to archive any Resource Assignment records where the “Should be Archived” box is checked.

See it in action

Next steps

Because Resource Hero is built natively on the Salesforce platform, we can harness the power of Flow’s no-code automation to help you find solutions to your unique business challenges. This solution uses our Resource Hero App and out-of-the-box Salesforce tools available in your org.

Reach out to us to discuss how we can help you streamline your Resource Forecasting processes and Time Tracking needs.

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