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Salesforce Formulas with guest SteveMo

SteveMo talks to Military Trailblazers about his favorite formulas and Salesforce hacks

Steve Molis (SteveMo) is one of our most requested guest speakers by the Military Trailhead community. We were ecstatic when he joined our Office Hours. Steve is a community college drop-out who learned Salesforce administration on his own. He’s been Salesforce MVP since 2010, participates in the Power of Us non-profit community, and earned his 100th badge to become a Trailhead Ranger. On top of that Steve holds the world record for the number of F-bombs dropped by at a Dreamforce presentation. 🤭

In this Military Trailblazer Office Hours session, Steve talks about his favorite formulas, solutions, and Salesforce hacks from over the years. He gets into formulas that are everyday use, simple, with one to two lines of code, and can be applied to any business model. Some of the powerful plug-and-play formulas and topics you’ll hear about in this session include:

  • Effectively using Case functions
  • Setting global variables
  • Creating dynamic month-to-date reports
  • Getting to top parent accounts in multi-level hierarchies
  • Dynamically counting days until opportunity or case close
  • Testing validation rules formula logic

Learn more about and follow Steve on LinkedIn, Twitter, and the Salesforce Trailblazer Community.

About Military Trailblazer Office Hours

The primary mission of Military Trailblazer (Tech) Office Hours is to provide a live forum for those who are transitioning in the military, veterans, military spouses, and allies to ask questions and get help while on their Salesforce learning journey.

Besides answering questions and providing assistance, we also invite industry leaders, Salesforce MVPs, ISV partners, and others to speak and provide insight into various parts of the Salesforce platform and ecosystem. While our focus is on Military Trailblazers, all are welcome!

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