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Managing Technical Debt with guest Aleksandra Milcic Radovanovic

Aleksandra talks to Military Trailblazers about paying back their technical debt

Aleksandra Milcic Radovanovic is at Okta, an identity cloud platform that enables organizations to securely connect the right people to the right technologies at the right time. At Otka, she spends her days partnering with teams related to customer support and customer experience. Aleksanda is also a powerhouse as a Salesforce MVP, certified Business Technology Architect, and leader of the Salesforce Admin Group, Vancouver, Canada.

Aleksandra talks about the technical issues that Salesforce developers and admins face on a daily basis. Developers and development teams create technical debt as they rush to code new functionality to make the release date while creating issues they’ll need to address at a later time. These issues typically caused by rushing or overlooking things add up and can turn ugly over time.

In this Military Trailblazer Office Hours session, you’ll learn about technical debt through real-world examples, how to address it, and how to avoid creating it in the future.

About Military Trailblazer Office Hours

The primary mission of Military Trailblazer (Tech) Office Hours is to provide a live forum for those who are transitioning in the military, veterans, military spouses, and allies to ask questions and get help while on their Salesforce learning journey.

Besides answering questions and providing assistance, we also invite industry leaders, Salesforce MVPs, ISV partners, and others to speak and provide insight into various parts of the Salesforce platform and ecosystem. While our focus is on Military Trailblazers, all are welcome!

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