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Points Gets Optimal Salesforce Support with Resource Hero


Points is a Canadian firm that helps the world’s leading airline, hotel, and financial services companies manage their loyalty programs simply and more profitably. Since many brands struggle with managing their loyalty programs in-house, Points provides comprehensive support, from building new ways for members to earn and use loyalty currency, to providing end consumer customer service. The firm handles over 60 program partners, one billion member accounts, and 92 billion points transacted per year. 






The Points support department faced many challenges with its Salesforce usage.  The data they needed to track was complicated. When consumers reach out to the support department with a question or issue they’re facing with a loyalty program, team members need to track response times and issue resolution rates to ensure quick replies and optimal service estimated hours for upcoming tasks.

The team wasn’t working efficiently in this area. In order to find and prioritize longer-term cases that needed immediate attention, the team would export the data out of Salesforce and into Excel, and then create a pivot table to analyze the data. It was a time-consuming and arduous process. 


The service department at Points turned to Resource Hero to provide Salesforce support and the customization it needed. Unlike consultants Points used in the past, Resource Hero developers were able to understand its business and needs, pinpoint specific problems, and deliver customized solutions. 


Responsive Salesforce support is what the team had been seeking from a Salesforce consultancy all along. All customers need to do is send Resource Hero a high-level note explaining what they want to achieve, and then the Resource Hero team sets up a meeting. Resource Hero developers then walk through the requirements and configure the changes live on a call. The result is not only a deliverable solution but also a partnership that allows Burns to learn how to use Salesforce more effectively.

  • Quick solutions: Resource Hero provides quick turnaround times to deliver customized Salesforce solutions the Points team can start using right away. 
  • Increased efficiency: Thanks to the color-coding system, Points customer service personnel can now see, at-a-glance, which cases require immediate attention. This has had a positive impact on its business, shortening response and case resolution times. 
  • Optimized reporting: Reporting used to be a cumbersome task. Now, reporting is easy, fast, and native to Salesforce. 
  • Learning experience: Resource Hero meets one-on-one with Points personnel to explain exactly how it’s manipulating Salesforce, providing valuable education to program newbies. 

From the team

Bill and the Resource Hero team can come in at any level and assess where it is that you need help, whether you understand Salesforce deeply or have very limited Salesforce knowledge and are overwhelmed with the program. I can’t stress enough how smart, patient, and effective this team is.

Karla Burns

Senior Manager of Support Services


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