How Creative Agencies Can Benefit From Resource Management Software

Messy minds oftentimes exude creativity. While many creatives are thought to always have their head in the clouds, agencies have a lot to keep in order. From pitches and proposals to client projects and invoicing, staying organized is critical in any functional creative environment. Simplifying and streamlining processes within a single solution takes the frustration out of day-to-day project management and allows teams to concentrate on their main offering: their creativity. After all, the best ideas come from a mind that is inspired and stress-free.

Managing Projects in a Creative Space

The truth is all clients are needy. If clients didn’t have a need or desire, there would be no use for your agency. Instead, they seek out the best of the best to create magic for their brand. Your time is best used developing and executing creative campaigns to deliver the magic clients are seeking. With the right project management processes in place, you alleviate the mundane organizational tasks and guarantee goals are met within allocated time frames and reasonable budgets.

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Agencies Fail When…

The more projects a team is responsible for, the harder it becomes to stay organized and remain profitable. Oftentimes, teams are using a variety of platforms to manage projects, and the search for a simple, cohesive solution is difficult. Without the appropriate tools, these areas may suffer:

Focus & Direction

Without a clearly defined goal, the vision of the team may not be cohesive throughout the duration of the project. Agencies are at their strongest when all members of the team are working towards the same goal.

Leadership within a project is important to keep the team motivated, create an environment of collaboration and inspiration, and empower each member to be accountable for their role in the overall outcome. Providing direction and emphasizing the benefits of achieving goals as a team is signs of good project leadership.


Projects can become messy. When the project isn’t managed properly, the organization will ultimately suffer and the project could spiral out of control. To work in an agency, you must be able to juggle multiple acts—keeping all projects balanced and delivering all work on time.

When projects are organized from the top-down, team members better understand their part in the overall success of the project. It eliminates hostile work environments and encourages teams to work in harmony because it takes the guessing game out of understanding where the project stands.

Time Management

When team members have to constantly bounce from one platform to another during a project, it has a serious impact on how well they are able to focus on their tasks. No real progress is made when hopping around from project to project and mistakes are made.

With clearly defined roles and tasks, team members can plan their daily, weekly, and monthly schedules accordingly. Implementing time tracking procedures for your team will help measure their efficiency, uncover any workload issues, and establish necessary data to identify trends and patterns to strengthen forecasting project requirements in the future.


From missed deadlines to unsuccessful campaigns, weak processes can make a business crumble. Without processes, your team is not set up for success. Your clients will not see the value in your work because they simply do not understand what is being accomplished.

It all starts with documenting! Business processes will always be a work in progress if you are committed to improving. Continuously analyze and strengthen each process with every new phase of your business’s growth.

Choosing a Project Management Platform for Your Agency

Allocating the proper resources to complete projects on time and within budget is the foundation of any successful partnership. Agencies with multiple clients and countless projects rely on this organization to remain diligent with time and budget. A good project management software will keep projects moving forward in a single, integrated, and collaborative platform.

Agencies will benefit most from a project management software that offers:

  • Task management
  • Time tracking
  • Budget management
  • Quoting & invoicing
  • Reporting dashboards

Reinvest in your team’s time for creativity and allow project management software, like Resource Hero, to streamline your business processes and accelerate your agency’s growth.


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