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How are Opportunity Products identified when generating a Quote from Resource Hero

When generating a quote or invoice, Resource Hero will create a Quote record with a single Quote Line Item for each Resource Assignment record related to your Opportunity.  The related Opportunity Product for each Quote Line Item is determined by checking the following items in order, stopping when a valid a product is identified:

  • Has a product been explicitly set on the Resource Assignment record?, If so, use it…
  • If not, has a product been specified on the assigned Resource?  If so, use it…
  • If not, is there a Product that has the same name as the assigned Role?  If so, use it…
  • If not, is there a default product set in the RHA Quotes configuration?  If so, use it…
  • If not, display a message to the user that this line item will not be included when the Quote is generated.



Example 1:  Thomas, a member of your account management team, has the product field on his Resource record set to Account Manager.  If Thomas is assigned to an Opportunity and no product is selected on the Resource Assignment record, the Account Manager product will be picked when generating a quote.

Example 2:  Thomas from our previous example is assigned to another opportunity, but this time he is helping out with design related work.  While keeping his default product set to Account Manager on his Resource record, you can override the product selection for this one assignment by selecting Designer on the Resource Assignment.  Following the rules above, when a Quote is generated for this Opportunity, the Designer product will be picked.

Example 3:  You don’t want to have to manage Product assignment at either the Resource or Resource Assignment level, you only want to assign Roles using the standard Resource Hero functionality.  As long as the appropriately named products exist for each of your available Roles, when you generate a quote, the product with the same name as your Role will be picked.

Example 4:  All of the resources within your company are billed at the same rate, regardless of their Role.  In this case, only a single product called Services is created and set as the company default.

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