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This post will walk you through the process of installing Resource Hero Skills and assumes that you already have Resource Hero installed and configured.  If you don’t already have Resource Hero installed, follow the instructions on the Install and configure Resource Hero support post to get started.

When you are ready to move forward, navigate to the Resource Hero Skills AppExchange listing.

After clicking the Get It Now button you will be presented with the following options.


If you are an existing Salesforce customer, click on the Log in to the Appexchange button then follow the onscreen prompts to log into your existing Salesforce environment.  If you are not an existing customer, click on the I don’t have a login button in order to sign up for a new trial.

If you are not an existing customer

If you continue as a guest, you will be presented with a form asking for your name and other details.  After reviewing the terms and conditions, click the Sign me up! button.


After a short period of time, you should receive an email from Salesforce with your new login information to a fully functioning salesforce environment with a pre-configured version of Resource Hero and Resource Hero Skills which is already setup and ready for you to begin your trial.

If you are an existing customer

You will be asked to log in and then provide your payment information.  Follow the prompts until you are presented with the installation screen.



Once you are presented with the installation screen, you are required to select which of your users should be granted access to Resource Hero Skills fields, object and screens.

Most customers should select the middle option, Install for All Users, which will ensure that all users have the proper permissions.

Contact us for more details if you have more complex security requirements or questions.

Once you make your selection, click the Install button.

Click the Done button to return to your Salesforce org once the installation is complete.  You may see a message stating that the installation is taking a long time to complete.  In these cases, you will receive an email once the installations finishes.


Add the Skill Assignments related list to your Resource page layout

Skills Assignments is where you will identify which skills each of your resources have.

  • From Setup, click on the Object Manager tab
  • Enter Resource into the search box, then click on Resource in the table that displays
  • On the left side, click on Page Layouts
  • Click on the page layout that you wish to edit
  • From the palette controls, select Related Lists, then drag the Skill Assignments related list onto your layout
  • Click Save
Add to resource layout v2


Add skills management to your Lightning Page or classic page layout

Skills Management is where you can add skill requirements to your assignment records.  The UI is accessed differently depending on whether you are using Salesforce Lightning Experience or you are sill using Salesforce Classic.

Salesforce Classic

From setup, navigate to Customize -> Opportunities -> Page Layouts, then click Edit next to the appropriate layout

Ensure that the Resource Assignment related list has been added to the layout, then click its properties icon.

Expand the Buttons section, then add the Manage Skills button from the Available Buttons to the Selected Buttons.

Click Ok, then Save the layout.

Add manage skills to opportunity - classic

Lightning Experience

Navigate to one of your existing opportunity records, click the gear icon in the upper right corner, then click the Edit Page link to launch the lightning app builder.

From the Lightning App Builder, you can add the Skills Management lightning component anywhere on the page.

For the best user experience, it is suggested that you add the component to a page section that takes up the entire page width.  In the below example, we have added it onto its own tab.


Add manage skills to opportunity - Lightning

Returning to your Opportunity, you can now see the Manage Skills tab which displays the Manage Skills UI.

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