Clone Resource Assignments and Forecasts Across Records


The Resource Hero Copy tab allows you to quickly clone Resource Assignment and Forecast / Actual records from one record to another.  This could be between one Opportunity to another Opportunity, an Opportunity to a custom object called Project, one Project to another Project, etc.

While we use the Opportunity object as an example, the below information applies to any object which has been configured for Resource Hero.  For details on how to setup other Standard or Custom Objects to work with Resource Hero, see the following support page:  Setup Resource Hero on a custom or standard object.


Navigating to the Resource Hero Copy tab

Depending on your Salesforce orgs configuration, the Resource Hero Copy tab will be accessible in one of a few different locations.  If you are still using the Salesforce Classic theme, you should see the tab along the top or in the All Tabs page by clicking the plus sign.

Navigation - All tabs

In Lightning Experience, you should see Resource Hero Copy along the left side of the screen in the Lightning Navigation menu.

Navigation - Lightning

If you have questions on where to find the tab, contact your System Administrator.


How to use Resource Hero Copy

Resource Hero Copy is a four step process:

Resource Hero Copy
  1. Select source record
  2. Select destination record
  3. Select which Resource Assignment fields should be copied
  4. Select which Resource Forecast fields should be copied

If you only wish to copy Resource Assignment records (and not forecast and actuals), simply uncheck all resource forecast fields.

Once you have made your selections, click the Copy button.

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