Assign Resources and Distribute Hours on the Manage Assignments Screen


The Manage Assignments screen allows you to quickly add, update or remove resource assignments from an Opportunity or any other object that is setup to work with Resource Hero.

While we use the Opportunity object as an example, the below information applies to any object which has been configured for Resource Hero.  For details on how to setup other Standard or Custom Objects to work with Resource Hero, see the following support page:  Setup Resource Hero on a custom or standard object


Navigating to the Manage Assignments screen

The Manage Assignments page can be accessed from the Resource Hero Matrix on the Opportunity detail page.

For an Opportunity where no assignments have been created yet, click on the Add resources link.

No assignements yet

For an Opportunity where assignments already exist, click on the Manage Assignments button located on the top left section of the Matrix.

Existing matrix with manage assignment button - mask

For an Opportunity where no assignments have been created yet the Manage Assignments screen will initially be empty and look like this.

Empty manage assignments


Assigning Resources

To assign resources to the Opportunity, click the Add new assignment button.

Note:  Up to 10 resources can be assigned at one time.  If you need to add more, simply add the first 10, Quick Save and then add the next batch of 10.  Repeat this process until all of your resources have been assigned to the Opportunity.

Manage assignments - not filled in fully


Basic fields

Opportunity:  This is the Opportunity record that this assignment is related to.  Notice that the field defaults to the Opportunity record that you navigated from.

Resource:  This is the Resource record that you want to assign to work on this Opportunity.  Since initially you might not know which Resource you want to assign, this field can be left blank and filled in later.

Role:  This is the function that this resource will be performing while assigned to the Opportunity.  Roles like Account Manager, Designer, Project Manager, etc. are included when you install Resource Hero, however you can add or remove to this list by following the instructions in the following support page:  Add Resources and Roles for your organization

Rate:  This is an hourly dollar amount that is used to calculate various Forecast and Actual amount fields.


Auto Forecasting Fields

These optional fields can be used to automatically create forecasts for a given assignment when you know, for example, that a Project Manager will work 2 hours per day from May 1 – June 15′.

The Forecast Mode field determines how the entered Hours (X) will be distributed between the Start Date and the End Date.  There are currently three forecast modes:

Day – X hours will be forecasted for each work day between the Start Date and the End Date.
Week – X hours will be forecasted on the first day of each work week that falls between the start and end date.
Total – X hours will be evenly distributed across all work days between the start and end date.

Saving the below assignments…

Filled in manage assignments

…would create the following forecasts

Autoforecasting result

If you were to subsequently update the Forecast Mode, Start Date, End Date or Hours fields, any forecasts between the new Start Date and End Date will be overwritten.

If you want all forecasts to be overwritten (including those that are outside the new date range) check the Overwrite All Existing Forecasts checkbox.


Ensure that only authorized users have access to these fields as the potential for data loss, i.e. a user accidentally deleting data, is high.


Save / Quick Save / Cancel

Once you have added all assignments, you can save your work by clicking either the Save button (which will then return you to the Opportunity Detail page) or the Quick Save button (which will keep you on the Manage Assignments screen).

Clicking the Cancel button will discard all changes and return you to the Opportunity detail page.


Deleting an assignment

If you need to delete an assignment, click the record’s Delete link.  If the record has previously been saved,  it will be moved to the Existing records that will be deleted queue where, upon saving, the record will be deleted.  If the record has not yet been saved (i.e., you just added it by clicking the Add new assignment button), it will be deleted and removed immediately.

Records that have been flagged for deletion accidentally can be restored by clicking the record’s Restore to active list button.

Delete assignment


Other ways to manage assignments

While you could also add, update or remove assignments through the Resource Assignment related list on the Opportunity Detail Page or through the Resource Assignment tab itself, the Manage Assignments screen is designed to allow you to both view and modify assignments in the most efficient way possible.

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