Adding skills requirements and finding the right resource


The Skills Management screen allows you to create and edit assignments, add required skills to assignments and, after reviewing their availability, assign a resource to the assignment.


Create new assignments

Manage skills 1 - add assignments

To add an assignment to the opportunity, click the Add New Assignment button.  Make changes to fields as required, then click Save.


Add skill requirements and assign resources

Manage skills 2 - Add skills

By clicking the expand icon on an assignment row, the skills management interface will be displayed.  The interface is broken into three components:

Available skills

This list displays all of the skills that have been setup in your organization.  To move a skills from the available column to the list of required skills for this assignment, click the + icon next to the skill name.

For details on adding or removing skills from this list, see the Setting up the list of available skills support post.

Required skills

This list displays any skills that have been added as requirements to this assignment.  You can remove required skills by clicking the – icon next to the skill name.

Resources with Required Skills

Once you have made your selections as to what skills are required for this assignment, the Resources with Required Skills list will display a list of resources who have those required skills.  The Resource Hero matrix that is displayed will include any hours that the resource has been forecasted on other assignments PLUS the hours from the current assignment.  This allows you to see what the utilization of a resource would be if you were to assign them to this assignment.

Once you decide on a resource, click the Assign button.

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