Organize and manage the resource pool for your business

Resources can be employees, contractors, and even equipment. In the Resources Tab, you can manage any and all of them. Control the min and max weekly target hours for each resource, archive resources, and add your own custom fields and formulae.


Take resource utilization into account while planning projects

You can forecast resources to multiple standard and custom objects concurrently. Assign resources to opportunities, tasks, and even custom objects like vacations/holidays. While forecasting hours to objects you can see who’s under-booked, within target, or overbooked based on anything else they’ve been assigned to.


View realtime project health stats as the project commences and time is tracked

As projects are started and in production, you can see charts on your page layout that measures the forecasted hours versus the actual tracked hours. In realtime, you can see the health of your projects and deal with issues early.


See company wide utilization forecasts and compare them with actual time tracked

All forecast and tracked data sits in your Salesforce org. This means you can use the robust Salesforce reports editor to slice and dice the information the way you need. This will enable you to to view of your production in ways you’ve never been able to before.


$11 / person / month

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