See your future in revenues based on forecasted hours

All resources, assigned rates, forecasted hours, and time tracked data is in your Salesforce. With this, you can get a true view of future revenue projections and make data driven decisions on your business.


See how busy everyone is and who's the most profitable

With Resource Hero, you can get an accurate view of who’s busy and who’s not. Who’s bringing in the most revenue and who’s consistently completing work under forecast.


See your profit margin in realtime based on forecasted revenue versus actual hours

You can extend Resource Hero data with your own formulae and workflows. We built the app to contort around your organization. Make it work for you and get you the data that you need to run your business.


All the data is yours to slice, dice, and uncover insights

Access all Resource Hero data from the robust reporting tools available on Salesforce. Resource Hero comes with 11 powerful reports that you can start with and customize to your specific business needs.


$11 / person / month

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