Resource Hero is committed to respecting the human rights and dignity of individuals within our operations, supply chain, and communities where we do business.  In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, we are committed to the following:

  • We treat people with respect and dignity.
  • We strive for and foster a workplace free of harassment and discrimination.
  • We live inclusion and promote diversity in the workplace.
  • We prohibit forced, bonded, trafficked and child labor.
  • We recruit ethically.
  • We provide fair wages and benefits.
  • We promote and protect health and safety in the workplace.
  • We prohibit practices that impede the possession of or unrestricted access to personal identification documents.
  • We recognize the freedom of workers to associate or not associate with a labor union, and to collectively bargain when represented by a legally recognized labor union.

We strive to provide and/or cooperate in the provision of effective remedy when adverse human rights impacts occur as a result of our activities. We operate in a spirit of continuous improvement and are committed to increasing our capacity to identify and respond to concerns.

We deliver human rights-related training and awareness-raising activities among employees.

We expect our suppliers to comply with contractual requirements and to respect human rights in a manner consistent with this Policy within their operations and supply chains, or such higher standards as required by law or contract.

We work to promote respect for human rights within our spheres of influence through stakeholder engagement, collaboration, and participation in various forums.

We encourage our employees, suppliers, and stakeholders to speak up, without retribution, about any concerns. We will not tolerate retaliation or reprisal against any workers, suppliers, or others for having reported suspected violations of this Policy.