How Creative Agencies Can Benefit From Resource Management Software

Keeping an Eye On Scope Creep to Stay Profitable

Successfully Integrating People into Projects

How Service Delivery Managers Can Justify Yearly Budgets

How Creative Agencies Remain Profitable

New Feature Alert! Spot Trends in Seconds With Conditional Highlighting

Challenges in Project Management: Before you Begin

Time Tracking Without Wasting Time: An Essential Project Management Tool

Tips for Improving Project Management

Our latest update brings holidays and vacations to you and your resources

Crippling Challenges of Resource Planning

Common Methods and Aspects of Brilliant Project Management

The Winter 2019 Release

The Resource Hero matrix is no longer limited to forecast hours and time tracking

Our new skills app solves challenges for organizations who have a large number of resources over varied skills

Keeping Track of Your Original Budget

You ain’t seen mobile time tracking like this before

Resource Hero 2-minute overview trailer

Resource Hero version 5.3 with auto-forecasts and security upgrades

Our new app rapidly generates a cost estimate and payment invoice based off Resource Hero forecasts

Create a Timesheet Tab shortcut to reduce clicks

Our new dashboard pack app features 9 charts and reports our customers look to the most

Resources don’t have to be limited to only people

Welcome to the Neo release

Automatically Assign Resources to Projects (or any other Salesforce record)

Three step strategy to help with Salesforce user adoption

Welcome to our Storm release

Behold, the Resource Hero 3-minute overview

Resource Hero: Grey release is ready with a new design

The new Resource Hero: Clark release brings in note taking functionality, expanded support for objects and more customization

Winter 14 Release introduces the long awaited “Day” view and a few UI enhancements

Summer 14 Release: Performance Enhancements and Bug Squashes

Resource Hero v2.7: Minor bug fixes

Overview of Resource Hero components on an object

Resource Hero v2.5: archiving and more

Resource Hero v2.3 with revenue bug fix is available on the AppExchange

Resource Hero v2.0 is out with time tracking, real-time utilization feedback, and more

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