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Professional services companies and organizations can achieve healthy workload balance & profit

Resource Hero was spawned from the resource planning and time tracking challenges at Local Wisdom, a digital agency that works with clients to find and implement digital solutions ranging from web, mobile, Intranet. It was easy to know how busy everyone was when it was a team of 8, but as the company grew to 40+ people, it became monumentally more difficult.

Resource Hero co-founder and Local Wisdom managing partner, Pinaki Kathiari researched a variety of solutions. Going from spreadsheets, to Google Docs, to researching digital services, there was no simple collaborative solution that worked around the business problem. Without a solution in sight, we decided to build our own.

That’s when we partnered up with William Kuehler to build Resource Hero. We launched in August 2013 and incorporated in January 2015. Currently, we have over 500 users with customers that range from small businesses to large global companies. We have about 3 to 4 releases a year.

Pinaki Kathiari

Product Director

William Kuehler

Lead Developer

Derrick Larane

Managing Partner

Michael Alfaro

Managing Partner