Our new skills app solves challenges for organizations who have a large number of resources over varied skills

Our resource forecasting and time tracking app, Resource Hero has been immensely valuable in helping companies properly forecast resources for projects. We’re proud to announce the launch of our new supplemental Resource Hero Skills app, which solves a challenge resource managers face when dealing with a large number of resources with a varied skillset.


Here’s the challenge

  • You need to find several resources with several specific skills for your project
  • You have a large pool of people that you can pull from and you don’t know who has the specific skills you are looking for
  • You also need to find people who are available within a specific timeframe to hit a specific deadline

In many organizations like this, we find there is usually a super hero resource manager with all the pertinent skills information in her or his mind. This may work, but it’s not sustainable and we want to give them some support.

Enter, the solution

Resource Hero Skills helps resource managers find the right resources for projects by allowing them to add specific skills for all your people and finding them as needed to staff up a project.


The new Resource Hero Skills app, gives you the power to assign any type of attributes to your resource ranging from skills, certifications, locations, and whatever else is important to your projects.

Then as you are looking to staff a project, you can identify the attributes required to fill the various positions, and let Resource Hero Skills find the available resource that meet those requirements.

Resource Hero Skills works in conjunction with our core Resource Hero app. We’re poppin’ our collars by calling it the best resource planning and time tracking app for companies managing multiple people and projects.

Jump in and get started

Take a closer look at the Resource Hero Skills app on the Salesforce AppExchange where you can download a free 30-day trial.

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