Resource Hero version 5.3 with auto-forecasts and security upgrades


An update to Resource Hero is now available on the Salesforce AppExchange.  While we consider this to be a minor update, there are two exciting features that you should be aware of:

Auto-Forecasting on Update

When we first introduced auto-forecasting, it was only available when creating a new resource assignment.  With this release, auto-forecasting will work on updates as well.

For details, see the Auto Forecasting Fields section of the Assign Resources and Distribute Hours on the Manage Assignments Screen support post.


Security Enhancements

We are introducing enhancements to the Resource Hero security architecture.  These enhancements will give you more flexibility and granularity in how you grant access to Resource Hero data.  For details, see the Manage Resource Hero Security Settings support post.


Be sure to follow our post install instructions if you are upgrading from v5.1.19 to v5.3.

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