Our new app rapidly generates a cost estimate and payment invoice based off Resource Hero forecasts

As a professional services company, you have people spending time working for your clients. Your accounting and sales team wants to quickly quote clients a cost estimate and then invoice them for payment.

We built Resource Hero Quotes and Invoices to help you quickly and accurately generate sales quotes and payment invoices straight from Resource Hero forecasts and actual time tracked.

Without going to a separate document or invoice/quoting application, you can create it directly within the Salesforce Opportunity in only a few clicks.

Anyone in finance or sales management responsible for generating cost proposals or payment statements will find substantial time savings using one system that eliminates the need to re-enter data.

Set your quote and invoice once, and it’s amazingly simple to use: a few clicks from your Opportunity’s Chatter feed, a review and edit on the Quote record, and one click to create and send a PDF.

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