Create a Timesheet Tab shortcut to reduce clicks

By default, Resource Hero users can track time from their resource record from the Resource tab. Getting to a specific resource record doesn’t have to be as many clicks if you create a shortcut for your users.

This article is for administrators who’d like to create a personalized shortcut to a user’s specific timesheet. In this customization, we’ll show you how to create a new tab called “Timesheet”, which would house a user’s specific timesheet in full page view.

Here’s what it looks like and the steps to make it happen.

Create a new “Resource ID” field on the User object

Creating a new field on the User object will allow you to create relationship between a user and their corresponding resource record.

First, browse to the User fields page, you’ll find it under Build > Customize > Users > Fields from the Setup section.

Then, click “New Field” and create a field where the field type is text, the label is “Related Resource Record Id” and is 18 characters long. Ensure that the field name auto populates correctly as “Related_Resource_Record_Id”

Copy Resource IDs to the new User field

For each of your users/resources, you’ll need to copy the value of their Resource ID from the Resource object into the new Related Resource Record Id field created on the User object.

If you have many users and resources, this process can be tedious. Call us if you’d like help automating this step.

You can find all your Resource ID’s by creating a simple Resource report with Resource Name and Resource ID fields.

Edit your users one-by-one from the Manage Users section and copy the Resource ID into the Related Resource Record Id field.

Rinse and repeat until you have all your User’s Related Resource Record Id field populated with their corresponding Resource ID.

Create a new custom web tab called “Timesheet”

The next few steps describe how to create and set up a new “Timesheet” tab so that it will open a user’s specific time tracking matrix in full page view.

First, browse to the Tabs page, you’ll find it under Build > Create > Tabs from the Setup section, then click “New” under the “Web Tabs” section and choose the “2 columns with sidebar” option.

Name the tab label “Timesheet” (or anything you like).

Copy and paste the URL below for the Button or Link URL field.

Copy to Clipboard

Finally, select your tab visibility settings and the app you would like to add your tab to, and click save.

You’re done!

When you click on the tab, you should be taken directly to a full page version of your timesheet. Take a moment to test, pat yourself on the back, and deploy.

If you have questions, call us.

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