Our new dashboard pack app features 9 charts and reports our customers look to the most


Receive instant visual representation of nine of the most popular charts and reports that Resource Hero customers look to the most. This dashboard helps show project health, workload balance, resource pipeline, and resource utilization. The new Dashboard Pack app is available free on the AppExchange.


Project Health & Workload balance

Forecast vs. Actual Hours by: month, resource, and won opportunity

3 of 9 charts featured on the Resource Hero Dashboard Pack: Project Health and Workload Balance

Sales Resourcing Pipeline

Forecast Amount by: forecast date, opportunity stage, and close date


Resource Utilization

Forecast vs. Target Hours by: resource and team
Total Forecast Hours by team


This fully customizable dashboard can be adjusted to best fit your business needs. The Dashboard is free to all users of Resource Hero.

According to the Social Science Research Network, 65% of people are visual learners. Being able to represent data in easily readable graphs, over a mission-control-like dashboard, will allow you to fully utilize the most crucial aspects of resource planning.

We built the Resource Hero Dashboard Pack with input and feedback provided by our top executive leadership, resource management, and project management customers. The dashboard includes graphs that visualize the following reports:

Get it now free on the AppExchange.

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