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Resource Hero Dashboard

The new Resource Hero Dashboard allows you to see and edit all of your assignments in one view.  For more details, see the How does the Resource Hero Dashboard work? support post



Matrix Enhancements

Matrix in Month View

In addition to the existing Day and Week views, all matrices can now be viewed with a Month view where each column represents a single calendar month.  Values that are entered into the month view will be dispersed across all work days in that month.

Month View


Customize Matrix Columns

You can now customize which Resource Assignment fields are displayed in the matrix.  To learn more about how to add fields to the Resource Hero matrix (like Created Date in the example below), see the Customize which columns display in the matrix support doc.

Add fields to matrix

Sort and filter any column

You can now sort any column by clicking its header text (which can be seen on the Resource column below)  Clicking again will sort in the opposite direction.  In addition to sorting, you can also filter each column by clicking on the column’s filter icon.

Sort and Filter

Edge Edge Role 。 Feb , Apr May Jun ~ 一 Aug - · Month EntireYear 2016

Archive Individual Resource Assignments

In many cases you might not want to archive an entire project’s worth of resource assignments, but might only want to archive a single assignment.  A good example of this would be a resource who has completed a short engagement on a long term project.

Resource Assignment records can now be archived independent from their parent related record.

Archive - Manage Assignments


New Settings Give You More Control

We have added two new settings with allow you to further customize Resource Hero to your business:

Default Sort Order – Allows you to set the default sort order for your matrices to either ascending (ASC) or descending (DESC) and works together with the Default Sort Type setting.

Refresh page on save – By default, if you click Save on any Resource Hero matrix from a record detail page the page is automatically refreshed after the save completes.  This is to ensure that all Resource Hero calculation fields are updated with the latest data.  That said, some customers would prefer that the page not refresh after a save and you can now.

For more details, see the Change org-wide Resource hero configuration settings support page.


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